Get Ready To Have A Glance Of Life Without Light And Sight, Tasting The Darkness

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What Makes It Awesome?

A glance of life without Light and Sight. I don't know how to sum up my experience because I was Awestruck after Coming out of this place.
Dialogue in the Park is already a renowned place in Hyderabad. The flagship restaurant is in Inorbit Mall and the new chain is in Begumpet.
I had always wondered what would be inside the darkroom, how it would feel, etc, etc. And it is life changing to experience it.

So this place takes reservations, hosts parties, corporate lunches, dinner, all these services are available. I went with my foodie group here. And was taken aback when had to submit my phone and watches at the entrance. Yes, phones, camera, etc are not allowed.

Formed a line and entered the dark restaurant, followed by a voice which was our guide, Mr Vijay. The place was pitch dark and seriously wearing sight glasses or not wearing it wouldn't even matter. The voice of the guide takes you to the table and gets you seated and they make sure that the guests are comfortable. They interact and asks our names, play games to enhance the other senses like touch, smell, hearing. That really was amazing.

You wouldn't believe when I say that you have to eat without looking at your food. Yes, this concept is really unique. Keeping the proper food review aside. The experience of not knowing what's on your plate, how does it look, that is breathtaking.

But the food was really good. Chose the non-veg plate, and it was a three-course meal with chicken starters, main course and a dessert.
The menu is not revealed here and it keeps on changing depending on the day.

The guides are really a gem, their hospitality even in the dark is to another level. So perfect and precise. After everything is done, was head back the same door that brought me in. Basically, dialogue in the dark spread awareness of the differentially challenged people, who are no less than the normal human being. Being special they can work the same way we do. And moreover, they do it more precisely.

Kudos to their will power and confidence. This is so much appreciated and has to love. No doubt their service make this dining experience in the Dark, flawless. This place is most recommended.

What Could Be Better?

Perfect place

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae.