Good News: Harithavanam In Adilabad Will Soon Be Upgraded To A National Park

Sunaina posted on 09 July

This just in, peeps. Harithavanam in Adilabad will be proposed for a National Park status by the forest department, and we cannot wait for our state to boast of a national park. At the moment, the park is a home to several wild animals like leopard, nilgais, wild boars, wild dogs, deer etc. With a large water body inside the park, the land is well-conserved and animals flock here. It also has a public park inside, which is separated from the forest area and many families visit it on a regular basis. The government also intends to create a service that will allow people to get familiar with nature while learning to not disturb the wildlife. We’re hoping this happens soon as we’ll get to safari all we like.

This story was first reported by The Hindu. Read the full report here