Love Rare Books? This Tiny Bookstore In Charminar Is Worth A Visit

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What Makes It Awesome

Sure, you can research and get rare books online but if you’re itching to browse and discover something truly special, Haziq and Mohi should be your stop. And what’s the bonus? Well, the musty smell of aging books! Now, let’s get back to past to know how this bookstore came into the picture. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bafanna, a linguistics graduate from Osmania University who was proficient in English, French, German, Arabic, Persian, and Arabic, started adding Telugu, Farsi, and French titles to his collection over the years. And soon the 400-sq-feet store was loaded with books from floor to ceiling and was set up in 1972.

With space for just one person to walk through, the bookstore has an interesting part. The books are priced according to their age. If the book is only half a century old, you can buy it for INR 3,000 to INR Rs 5,000. If the book has been there for centuries, it can easily cost you up to INR 50,000. And certain books are only sold in photocopies because they are a single edition. as they are the only pieces available. So, when are you going?

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000