Bibimbap, Korean Chicken Bowls & Thalis: We're Giving A Thumbs Up To This Food Subscription

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What Makes It Awesome

Newsflash, you need to eat healthily while working out for good results. But if you don't work out, eat healthy anyway. Healthie is a service that will deliver nutrient-packed food to your doorstep on a subscription basis and order basis. Now if you're thinking we're just talking about salads, boiled veggies, and bland food, allow us to tell you otherwise. 

They've got four weekly subscription plans namely breakfast, lunch, dinner, and keto. If breakfast is the meal that makes or breaks your day, you can expect dishes like Tangy Chickpea Salad, Raagi Masala Dosa, Herb and Lemon Poha, etc. spread throughout the week. If you're bored with your office lunch, you can opt for their thali plan, khichdi plan, healthy bowls plan, or all in one plan and look forward to Chettinad Chicken, Palak Paneer, Bibimbap, Grilled Chicken and Quinoa Bowl, etc.

Similarly, they also have a dinner plan. All these plans have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and you can get to choose the time and place for the delivery. They're pretty on-point with that, so don't expect any delays. If you're particular about your diet plan, they have tailor-made keto and protein plans that will fill you up without going over your calorie intake. 

In case you have other plans, you can cancel the next day's meal and add another day to your subscription. Brownie points for that. At present, they deliver to more than 50 areas in the city, so check for your locality on their website. No harm in giving it a try, right?