Heritage Trips & Food Crawls: Walk The Talk With This Walking Tour Company


    Whether you are a pakka Hyderabadi or a traveller – going on a trail with this group of wanderers and city lovers will give you an understanding of the true essence of Hyderabad and leave you revitalised.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Walk amidst the bylanes of age-old buildings and labyrinthine streets. Tour the neglected gems of the city (like that of Mushk Mahal and Musi River Front). Discover hidden gems of bazaars. Quench your interest by absorbing knowledge from experts and historians. And enjoy occasional food, music, poetry and night walks too. Be a part of a community that aims to educate, entertain and enrich tourists and locals alike. Embark on a journey with Hyderabad Trails by walking at their events with titles ever so fancy. Don’t believe us? They have a trail called ‘Jashn-e-Hyderabad’ in celebration of the birthday of the city’s founder, Quli Qutub Shah. Other trails such as Shehr-e-Ishq, The Tastes Of Charminar, Unseen Golconda, Untold Stories all are meant to entice folks to get on board and explore. Gopal Krishna, an engineer turned filmmaker, received an overwhelming response when he first posted (on his Facebook profile) about conducting a walk in Hyderabad. There has been no looking back ever since. With over 10,000 explorers today, Hyderabad Trails is your go-to if you want to revisit Hyderabad of a bygone era. 


    Not limited to heritage walks, this group also hosts getaway tours and nature camps. If you’re seeking to spend a day in Hampi, or you want to go road-tripping to witness the Indian Grand Canyon in Gandikota with a fun group, you know where to look. Hyderabad Trails has also played a role in the conservation of the city’s parks and artefacts (thanks to them, we still have KBR Park and Osmania Hospital). It is a movement in itself. Did we mention that these trails get grander when it’s festive time? Be it Ramadan or Christmas, or Diwali — don’t forget to check out the Hyderabad Trails calendar.