Are You A Writer Looking For Major Inspo? Head To This Retreat In Himalayas

Himalayan Writing Retreat

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Himalayan Writing Retreat (HWR) is run by Chetan Mahajan — a former prisoner-turned-published-author. Guidance, inspiration, and conversations (both comical and profound) make this retreat an unforgettable experience for any writer. 

What Makes It Awesome

Waking up in the hills and writing in the company of other writers is probably every writer's dream. Those were our exact thoughts when we signed up for HWR. In this five-day retreat, the first day is mostly for introductions and understanding the basics of creative writing. Throughout the next three days, writers are immersed in various kinds of activities that aid in divergent thinking and the ability to edit and critic one's own writing. Mercilessly, if we may add. Dr. Vandita Dubey — a licensed clinical psychologist from the US handles the final day of the workshop where difficult concerns like writer's block, writing discipline are addressed. However, the workshop isn't all about work, because after the sunset, you unwind and over coffee, you get to talk about your favourite writers, travel stories. While you can expect bonfire nights and stargazing, this retreat is also about giving a perspective to a writer. In fact, Chetan moved to the hills after quitting a successful corporate career. As a scapegoat of a corporate fraud, he wrote a book 'The Bad Boys Of Bokaro Jail', when he was serving his 3-month sentence, and published it with Penguin. Surely all these events have conjured up the retreat.

At the moment, there are two types of workshops (intermediate & advance) that are spread across 12 sessions which happen at Sathkol in Nainital. Each batch has 10 participants; peer reviews and consistent feedback are the cornerstones of the classes. Priced at around INR 25,000-INR 35,000, they cover your stay and food too. So, if you're on the path of becoming a writer but feel a little lost, sign up for HWR. Meet new writers, make new friends, and more importantly, crawl out of your cushy bed of roses to learn new stuff.


This retreat is for serious writers and creative people. So, if you're looking for touristy things, don't apply. Also, it's recommended for writers to get here with a project or a book (even if you've just started) as the retreat can help you find a direction.

Himalayan Writing Retreat