Home Grooming Hack During Covid-19: Pamper Yourself With These Products

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With Covid-19 taking the world by the storm, people are under complete lockdown. And yes, the whole situation feels unreal but we have to stay home and stay amazing. Just, treat your senses to something comforting and nice. We show you how, with these products.

Babila Manicure Set Of 9 Tools

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Our hands and feet are exposed to a lot of dirt and other pollutants that can build up under the nails. So keep those nails short and trimmed with this kit by Nykaa. Skip your next round of Candy Crush and use the time for grooming your finger and toenails. Or while watching a movie. The goal is to maintain healthy nails. Therefore, mani-pedi is a must!

Kalyashastra's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Frizzy hair? Coconut oil. No shaving cream? Coconut oil. Dry Skin? Coconut oil. Literally, for every issue, you have with your skin and hair, coconut oil is a saviour. So buy this product and unlock the secrets of this tropical-sourced oil.

Ella Double Vanity Mirror With LED Light

If you choose to tweeze your eyebrows or remove facial hair, you' need a magnifying mirror. This one by Home Centre has LED lighting and you can easily see every hair that you want to go.

The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 IN 1 (Wash, Scrub & Mask)

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Exfoliation is a great way to keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy. And this one by The Body Shop is a 3-in-1 product that can be used as a wash, a scrub or a mask to combat blemishes and excess oil. Bonus? Magical benefits of tea tree extracts.

Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume

Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume

Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume


Smelling good is so important, even if you are locked at home! So, get this fresh, cream-based perfume. It has shea butter, cocoa butter, and smells divine. This fragrance, in a nutshell, is easy to carry anywhere.