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Want To Be Naruto, Thor, Or Wonder Woman? This Club Will Teach You How

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Have you always wanted to walk in the shoes of your favourite characters? If yes, Hyderabad Cosplayers Club is letting you get into their whole avatar, and efficiently so.

What Makes It Awesome

Fascinated by the incredible cosplay acts at Comic Con 2014, a group of locals, Sunil Choppala, Sreeman, and Bharat Saka formed Hyderabad Cosplayers Club to encourage cosplay as a hobby and art form. With over 1,000 members today, they have participated in multiple Comic Con events in the past, and continue to host workshops on how to perfect a cosplay. They bring in makeup artists, actors, prop makers to inculcate their skills unto the members, as well as guide you on where to shop for props. They also host events throughout the year where you can showcase your cosplay skills, like WinterFell Event for Christmas Cosplay and Halloween Parties. So, join in the fun by becoming a member of the club and joining their Facebook group. Master not just the look book of comic characters, but their body language too. Besides, you and squad can cosplay some epic pop culture gangs (like The Scooby Gang, or the Harry Potter trio) and who knows you might end up winning the annual cosplay contest too!

What Could Be Better

The club has been hosting fewer meets lately due to busy schedules, but we hope they are back to hosting one meet per month again.


If you are good at DIY, you can share your knowledge at the club and help others with their cosplays too.