Best News Ever: Hyderabad Is The 14th Fastest Growing Metro In The World

Sunaina posted on 27 September

Great For

Yet another moment of pride has arrived for Hyderabad. Rated as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Hyderabad has beaten even Mumbai (India's business capital) and secured the 14th position. This survey by Brookings' study Global Metro Monitor 2018 has closely studied and measured around 300 cities in the world for employment and GDP growth. Delhi is the other Indian city to have made it to top 15 and it stands mightily at the 6th position, right after San Francisco and Beijing. 

If you're planning to move to Hyderabad, you can now arrive in style by also knowing there's more to our city than just its biryani. If you’re wondering what else our city offers, let us help you with that. We’re easygoing – hang out with us for a moment and you’re our amigo already. Our cost of living doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket and cool new things like IKEA and large tech companies are establishing themselves in our city. Add the new Metro Rails scene to that, our travel woes are sorted too. Luckily for us, we have no painful traffic. Now you know why Hyderabadis refuse to build a home outside the city.

This story has first appeared on Times Now News. You can read the full story here.