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Kaju Ki Jali To Jouzi Halwa: 5 Brands For Hyderabadi Sweets

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If there's one thing that Hyderabad loves after biryani, it's dessert. Whether it's barfi or halwa — there's always space in our tummy for some and then more. Wondering where to get your share of authentic Hyderabadi desserts? Well, we're digging phirnis and halwas from these five dessert brands. 

Meethe Miya

Meethe Miya took the city by storm and we know why! Known for their delicious phirni, sheer khorma, and shahi tukda — this outlet in Banjara Hills has the most authentic Hyderabadi desserts that you can tuck into. Reminding you of the festivities of Eid, Meethe Miya is said to whip desserts with recipes straight from the royal Nizam kitchen. As a result, you find desserts such as Ande Ka Lauz and Badam ki Jali apart from the regular affair like laddus, halwa, etc. 

Hameedi Confectioners & Co.

Hameedi Confectioners & Bakery might have begun as a stall in 1913, but it's a landmark in Hyderabad today. When a Turkish lad, Muhammed Hussain, started this business, his special dish, Jouzi Halwa was such a hit among people that the seventh Nizam heard of it and visited the store to try it out. He loved the halwa to such an extent that he sent a letter with a royal seal to Hussain praising his sweets (Even today, this letter is on display at the store). Made out of milk, saffron, ghee, nutmeg, sugar, dry fruits, and some secret spices from Afghanistan, the Jouzi Halwa is heavenly.

Subhan Bakery

Subhan Bakery has been around for decades now and if you haven't tried its range of biscuits, you're missing out. No, seriously. What do we love? Osmania biscuits — which are the melt-in-the-mouth kinda beauties. But don't stop right there; pounce on Khara biscuits, Chand biscuits (baked in a crescent shape to represent the moon) and Tie biscuits. No matter what hour of the day, you'll find people binge-eating Subhan's Double Ka Meetha. On popular demand, its Muharram special Dum Ka Roat (also known as Muharram Ke Roat) — a sweet flat semolina cookie baked with an almond in the centre, is available throughout the year.

Mohammedi Confectioners

Tucked in Ghansi Bazaar near Charminar, Mohammedi Confectioners is a hidden gem. But loyalists go here for Kesar Roll, Khowa Puri, Jauzi Zafran, Jauzi Badam, etc. What'll catch your attention is their range of khowas shaped after fruits like bananas, strawberries, apples, custard apples, and more. Stand right there, dunk one or two of them as you eye their Badam Ki Jali and thick heavy. It's going to be a heavy meal — we warn you but there's very little you can do when a task like Sikandi Roll and Halwasun Tikiya appears in front of you. 

Badam & Kaju Ki Jali

You cannot miss the iconic Kaju Ki Jali, which is made from a 50-year-old recipe handed over to Nasreen Hussaini from her family. This sweet shop is tucked in the Old City and if you're unable to visit it, you can also place an order through Snackishq. Kaju Ki Jali is made from cashew nuts and looks like a tiny flower and tastes a lot like a Kaju Barfi, but so much better. The consistency of cashew and its richness can be felt in every bite.