I Typically Have Breakfast, Have A Snack, Have Lunch, Have A Snack, And Have Dinner πŸ˜„

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Good Morning Y'all, A very Happy New Year. May you be Blessed with Love, light, success and Prosperity this New year.

In the Frame: Chicken Kheema, Savoury Chimney from The Budapest Bakehouse. This is the new feature in the Busy Area Himayat Nagar. In Budapest (Capital of Hungary) there's a very famous Street food Snack called Kurtoskalacs. The base is Shaped in a chimney which is a savoury cone made of Maida, Seasoning with Herbs, chilli flakes and more. It's baked till it gets a crunchy texture to it. There are multiple other savoury gravies added into the cone.

There are many flavours on the menu and were confused about what to start with, so we asked the management and they suggested the ones which are quite popular. Chicken Kheema, Most Recommended and My Favourite till now. Kheema was so Flavourful, just like how it's cooked in Hyderabadi hotels/homes. This had extra Spice of Hot spices. Really loved it, Scrumptious one from the menu. Would definitely come back for this here.

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