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Table Lamps To Desk Organisers: Here's What We Shopped Under INR 999 At Ikea

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    Ikea is one of the most affordable furniture stores in Hyderabad with so many options, it's beyond your imagination. The store is especially great for people that move frequently and looking for furniture that's quirky and affordable. Read along to see what we scored and how we decided to put them in use. 

    LERBODA Frame - INR 499

    The two sided frame with golden borders is perfect to store two of your sweet memories into one single frame. If you want some variation you can always change the motif and add anything else apart from a photo. 

    KNARREVIK Bedside Desk - INR 890

    All the junk that you often leave around your room can now be neatly organised onto this perfectly sized bedside desk, it's especially suitable for people with a smaller bedroom space. 

    LAMPAN Table Lamp - INR 495

    Light up your room in the night with this cute table lamp on your bedside table. It's a medium sized lamp but the light it emits, phew, is so bright. Signature Ikea, y'all. 

    SKAGGORT Cushion - INR 369

    We all deserve a comfy cushion. Be it on the sofas, beds, or even office desks, this black polka dot cushion will go well everywhere. Plus it's extremely soft and plushy, we could just hug at all night. 

    BRADA Laptop Support - INR 499

    We love it for those days when we have to work from our bedrooms. This laptop support is medium sized so it's ideal to support small laptops. But if you have one of those big, chunky, gaming laptops, you'll need a bigger one. 

    NEJKON Plant Pot - INR 99

    To beautify the nooks and corners of your living spaces, get this. Put it on the table tops, on a wall mount or even in the bathroom for that little bit of green, though artificial, this set will add colour to your house. You can choose between a range of artificial plants in Ikea for the same cost, too. 

    TJENA Storage Box With Lid - INR 299

    No one can have enough storage boxes, seriously. This big box with colourful abstract print will look pretty on your side tables and in your wardrobe (you don't have to hide this in your storeroom) and will store all your necessities — accessories, scarves, socks, toys, etc. 

    VISCHAN Wall Clock - INR 999

    Simple yet Beautiful, this wall clock will make a good statement piece. With numbers that can be clearly read and hands big enough to be seen from a distance, adorn the walls with this budget piece. 

    ALVINE SPETS Net Curtain - INR 579

    If we didn't tell you the price, you wouldn't guess this net curtain was so affordable. Love dainty home decor? Get this feminine curtain to pretty-up your doors and windows. 

    UPPLADDA Infusion Bottle - INR 399

    Its time to replace your boring plastic bottles with the new infusion bottle from IKEA, it comes with a straw and a dry component to store anything from your protein powder to fresh fruits. It's a miracle to have all these possibilities with just one water bottle. 

    VINDFLAKT Bowl - INR 279

    The copper colour is in trend right now and this small bowl is versatile and sleek. We're thinking of pouring in some water and putting a few rose petals in it like a tiny pond. But hey, you can put in whatever you want. 

    ONSLEV Door Mats - INR 299

    Totally Insta-worthy and practical, these doormats are our favourites (we never thought we'd be crushing on a doormat). Hindi, English, and Telugu — greet your guests in style. 

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