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IKEA Has Just Dropped Its Online Catalogue And We Can't Stop Gawking

Shreya posted on 04 July

Hyderabad, we know that  you’ve been following our updates on IKEA like a shadow, so here’s more good news on that front. IKEA is really gearing us all up for the grand opening. This time around, they’ve gone live with their E-commerce catalogues for furniture in India. We’re swooning over the storage collection that has fashionable bookcases, dressing tables, wall shelves, and bedside tables that we can totally picture in our rooms. Starting at INR 3,000, they have a variety of home needs from cabinets to wardrobes that you can gawk and inspect. Their experience centre too lets you browse through these pretty pieces, but with the launch of the catalogue online, you can keep them ready in your wish list and then just buy it from the store or get it shipped {once these services are active}. In the meantime, get ready for the housewarming party at their in-house restaurant, and register now if you haven’t already,