Indulge In These Scrumptious Delights At This Beautiful Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome?

When you live in a city like Hyderabad, you are expected to find and gorge mainly into Biryanis. But this place will prove you wrong. Visit "Fullfills" and indulge in mouthwatering hot-fills, Chimney Cakes, Sizzlers and many more and you won't be disappointed.

Must try food:
1. Jamaican Chicken Hot Fills: It's juicy, crunchy and tastes out of the world ( for a second you will think the cone is made up of chicken which is not, it's made up of wheat).
2. Red Velvet Chimney Cake: The taste is mind-blowing. The taste will be like in between vanilla flavour cream, churros and doughnut. The inner part was filled with vanilla cream and the outer part was very crunchy.
I highly recommend this place to all the foodies.

What Could Be Better?

More varieties can be added.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Kids.