Jai Maajisa Jalebi & Khara Shop - INR 170

Sunaina posted on 17 September

We hopped on an auto, paid INR 30, and reached Jai Maajisa, which is popularly known as High Court Court Jalebi. We were greeted by the owner and were recommended samosa and kachori. The samosa and kachori arrived on a paper plate with two kinds of chutney — green (green chili) chutney and a red (sweet and tangy) one. Both the dishes weren’t oily and greasy which is a total win if you ask us. Since jalebi was in the making, we took a plate of it too. Since the store is known for its khara, we packed home a kilo at INR 140. We spent INR 170 here and were left with INR 90. 

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Jai Maajisa Jalebi & Khara Shop

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    Ghansi Bazaar

    21-7-778, High Court Road, Next HDFC Bank, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad