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Juice Rush - A Healthy Eatery For Folks In Banjara Hills

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What Makes It Awesome?

The juice isn't a replacement for whole fruits and veggies, of course, but it does let you fit in foods that you might not eat otherwise—like beets or carrots—especially at breakfast, which is usually a no-vegetable zone. And consuming enough produce has its perks. The juice is a concentrated source of calories that's easy to consume in a few gulps and contains little or no filling fibre. And because it's digested faster than the solid food.

Juice Rush is one such brand which offers healthy cold-pressed juices and sandwiches. It's a small store situated on the Road No 14 of Banjara Hills locality with seating space to accommodate 10-15 pax.

Coming to the menu, they have some Detox juices, Rush shots & Some salads combinations as well. In addition to these, they are hosting some interesting flavours of wraps & milkshakes as well for the one who are looking out for grabbing a quick healthy yet tasty treat. From the cold press section, I loved Grapes and Watermelon flavour as both of them were nicely done in terms of flavour and packaged cleanly. Onto the Rush shots, which I felt is a new concept of serving a combination of fruit juices in shots glasses by providing a small number of vitamins and minerals. The Nice shot and Wonder shot are recommended from the menu here.

Next up we got some cold sandwiches like BBQ Paneer Rush and Veg Rush, both of which were aptly done with a basic stuffing of veggies and cottage cheese with cheese spread, nothing special for that fact. However, we got some more flavours like peanut Butter Banana, PBJ & Blueberry jam. Loved the blueberry jam rendition of the sandwich, even the PBJ couldn't have been any better.

In the Salad section which goes with the name of Wild Salad, you get to choose the salad base, topping & dressing as well which makes this section of the menu more interesting for all the patrons out there to customize the salad as per their platter needs.

So for all the fitness freaks out there in Hyderabad, Juice Rush is here to serve your juice & salad needs for completing your diet in terms of healthy products. Head over to this place as they are quite promising in terms of the quality being served.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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