No Time To Hit The Gym? This Yoga Studio Will Help You Do Yoga At Home Virtually

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What Makes It Awesome

If the only thing that's stopping you from doing exercise is time, then pay attention to this. Leaf Yoga Village is a coming of age service that will provide you with virtual yoga classes by trained professionals. Yes, it's exactly like how it sounds. You pick a time and place convenient to you and get started with their yoga tutorials.

Whether it is a mental, emotional, spiritual, physical goal that you are chasing, these yoga classes will be tailored to suit your needs. What can you expect? These folks expertise in three types of yoga styles, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Power Yoga. Each of these yoga forms preaches different teaching styles but have similar results, a fit body and mind.

If you're wondering how does this virtual yoga class process works, you can either meet them yourself or get on a phone call with them to talk about your requirements. Not just that, if you're workplace is into wellness and fitness, Leaf Yoga Village also organises corporate yoga and yoga retreats apart from home yoga and prenatal yoga. Sorted? FYI, their yoga centre is in Punjagutta.