Spend Your Day With Coffee & Books At This Pretty Pizzeria

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What Makes It Awesome?

Zozoz Pizzeria is one of the prettiest open places in Hyderabad with amazing greenery and simple seating. This is the place where you can spend all your day with warm coffee, books, friends over pizza.
You get to make your own pizza from scratch with little topping and thin crust.
I had a session here for lunch with a few of my food blogger friends and we had an amazing time.
We started with garlic bread, potato wedges & fries which were so good and true to the weather around us.
Going forward with chicken wings, we had so variety and trust me each was different and so juicy.😋
My favorite was hot wings. To differ we had barbecue chicken wings and hot garlic wings. The best part is you can make half-n- half pizza too. We got them in veggies! Pizzas were great, tasty, non-greasy and proper veggies and sauces in it. My favorite pizza was chicken Tikka pizza.
The other pizza we tried was buffalo chicken pizza & veggie delight pizza which were too great with proper flavor.
To combine with Pizzas we got peach iced tea/ coffee.
I went for a cappuccino which I absolutely loved.
And wrapped up with a dark chocolate cake with ice cream.
Red velvet mousse was something different and delicious.
They have got many varieties of pizza, absolutely the best in Hyderabad town with soothing and calm ambience, music and lights.
We had an amazing time. So you will have too. Do visit guys!

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids