Brace Yourselves, There's A New Adventure Park In Hyderabad Near ORR


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    There's a new adventure stop in Hyderabad and we're prepping for the adrenaline rush. Masjid Gadda Jungle Camp at Outer Ring Road is a park-cum-jungle camp that has pathways for cycling, jogging, and walking along with rock climbing, camping, gazebos, and a children's play area.

    All this is spread across 180 acres with roads named after martyrs who died protecting the forest range. If you're up for a pleasant picnic, this place also has provisions for a picnic and cooking to sort your BBQ sessions. As a matter of safety, this park has been made snake-proof with trenches and fences. 

    How to reach: Take exit number 14 near Pedda Golconda along the ORR. 

    This story was first reported on The Hindu. Read the full story here.