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Have You Checked Out This Theatre-On-Wheels At Kacheguda Railway Station Yet?

Sunaina posted on 17 September

Indian Railways is getting cooler by the day, and when you hear this piece of news, you'll say aye, aye too. South Central Railways (SCR) has brought a mobile movie theatre to Hyderabad and it's set up right outside Kacheguda Railway Station. This concept was put together by a PictureTime DigiPlex, a Delhi-based company and SCR initiated it in Telangana to showcase movies with a message as part of 'Swach Rail - Swach Bharat' that'll run till October 2nd. 

This digital movie theatre is a 150-seater mobile theatre (That can quite literally fit into a giant truck) and comes equipped with blowers on the inside to ensure no sound escapes out. With 10 rows of comfy seating, people can watch movies, just before they catch a train, and for free. The four shows a day include a mix of Telugu and Hindi movies, and after Tuesday, this truck will move to Kamareddy, Nizamabad, and Basar stations. Although this theatre is known to have traveled throughout remote villages of North India, it's the first time it has come to South India, and we cannot wait to get our free tickets to watch a movie. 

This story was first reported on The Hindu. You can read the full story here