Order The Most Loved Appetizer Of Hyderabad: Shikampuri Kebab From Here!

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Shikampuri Kebab, A Very Popular and most loved appetizer in Hyderabad is a delicious chicken kebab, made by combining chicken and lentils with a filling of flavoured thick yoghurt in the centre. These piping hot fried kebabs will leave you asking for more. Its also called a side dish that enhances your dining experience and makes you crave for more!

The most important technique that makes Shikampuri different from Shami Kebab lies in its stuffing. Shikampuri kebab is stuffed with malai or hung curd and its moister and gives you a melt in the mouth experience as compared to shami kebab. The Shami kebab is usually more fibrous than these Shikampuri Kebabs. sometimes chopped onions are added inside to get the crunchy effect, Whereas Shami kebab has just pure Minced meat. Both are fried on Hot Tawas with a drizzle of Ghee.

Featuring here is Shikampur and Shami Kebabs from Capital. Both Just melted in the mouth and Tasted really good.