Good For You & Good For The Planet: We're Digging This Sustainable Shoe Brand

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    What Makes It Awesome

    What if we tell you, you can make a positive impact on climate change by switching your shoes. Yup! Say hello to Taran Chhabra and Amar Preet's brainchild, Neemans that makes stylish shoes that are good for your feet and the environment. So, what's the catch? Instead of stuffing footwear with synthetic fibre and petroleum-based materials which are often non-biodegradable, these folks manufacture shoes made of Merino wool from the country down-under (Australia, duh).

    Educational fact (because why not), unlike regular wool, Merino wool is one of the softest and lightest natural materials in the world. In simpler terms, you're going to feel like you're walking on clouds. Breathable and idle in even the harshest of Indian weather conditions, your choices are not limited. They've got stylish sneakers, joggers, slides, flip flops and loafers in all the classic colours like black, blue, burgundy and brown. Rock them from a park to the office with your favourite pair of jeans, chinos, shorts...anything.

    These shoes are also machine-washable and weather-proof. Interested? Neemans has a seven day trial period where you can go about town with your new shoes for seven days and return it if you don't end up loving them (which won't be the case). These guys deliver within three-five business days, so check 'em out!

    Price: INR 699 upwards

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