Peek Into The Tribal Life Of Andhra Pradesh At This Museum In Masab Tank

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're intrigued by tribal life, you must make a visit to the Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum in Masab Tank to really understand their culture. In this two storey museum, you will encounter the simple yet vibrant lifestyle of tribes from Andhra Pradesh like Kondareddi, Bagata, Lambada, Chenchus and Hill Reddis. It houses life-like sculptures of tribal folk going about their daily life, around their bullock carts and markets. There are stories depicted through pictures, literature and an audio-visual experience where you can see how the tribals live. Besides, you can browse through a variety of tools like bird, rat traps, and fish traps; bows and arrows and other hunting equipment here. There are wooden musical instruments on display and scenes of tribal dance as well.

It takes about half an hour to browse through the entire museum, and there are boards with a lot of information to soak up. The entry is free for the most part, but they sometimes charge a nominal fee of INR 10, per person.


Photography is not allowed inside the museum, so do not carry cameras.