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    Gentlemen, You Got To Buy Handcrafted & Classy Leather Shoes From This Local Brand

    Shreya posted on 19 May


    Oblum Leather Works is a city-based brand that makes bespoke leather shoes and accessories to meet the needs of sartorially tasteful gentlemen and ladies. They say— judge a man by his shoes, we say — with shoes from Oblum, you will be nothing short of classy.

    Of Soles And Souls

    The leather industry in Hyderabad saw a massive decline to pave way for modernism, and industrialisation. However, Tarun Oblum took it upon himself to bring back the craft and art of shoe-making to cater to the custom needs of shoe-loving souls. Having attended University Of The Arts, London where he realised his love for handcrafted shoes, Tarun began his venture in Hyderabad by experimenting with small leather goods like passport holders and card holders but soon moved on to shoes which are his passion. Apparently, the quality of the leather products from Oblum is unmatched in the city today. From the Single Monk Strap to Wes Anderson style, this brand does shoes inspired by classic English silhouette with a contemporary outlook. Each of their shoes is hand dyed and made with a minimal use of machinery. Be it for general use or for special occasions, you are sure to get a luxe pair of unique shoes with attention to detail from Oblum. The brand cares about its customer’s needs, and therefore they prefer to have 2-3 weeks of time to work on the product based on a detailed conversation with the customer to understand their style. The make use of imported leather from Argentina, and colour the natural leather in a way that no two shoes are similar, but rather unique to its wearer.

    Shoes For Every Mood

    If you have a graduation ceremony, or a wedding or a celebratory occasion where you’d wear a tuxedo, go for an Oxford style preferably in black or burgundy with either the tie or pocket square in the similar shade, and for more casual use, you can go for the single monk strap or a penny loafer. You can also hit up Oblum’s showroom {at Jxtapose} in Jubilee Hills, to find the right size and to discuss your ideas with them. If you’re not from Hyderabad, but you love their products, don’t worry because they ship internationally. So no matter what style, size or colour you’re looking for and where you are in the world, you can get it all custom made from here. The brand also does leather accessories like wallets, camera straps, inserts for Raybans, watch straps and more, so no matter what your mood if it involves fine leather – go here for intricate, personalised work.

    Price: INR 10,000 – INR 12,000 per shoe.

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