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Learn New Life Skills! These Online Courses Will Help You Pass Time, Productively


    Now that you have all the time in the world, why not do something productive with it? Check out these online courses (and many others) to widen your skillset or start a new hobby. Social distancing with the fam? Make it a group activity to lighten the mood and keep boredom at bay.  

    Tighten Your Apron & Get Cooking

    What better way to ease the mood than food? We're sure you know how to cook but instead of always depending on restaurants for gourmet food, you can easily learn (the basics to begin with) how to cook dishes from your favourite cuisine. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Asian, and Middle-Eastern, there are courses for all that.

    You could also learn a bunch of easy recipes here

    Ace Those Calligraphy Strokes

    It's time you make your own calligraphy time-lapse video. There are plenty of courses online that teach this beautiful art form and one such course is this. While the basics are easy to learn with practice, put your time to good use by learning how to write pretty letters. Writing invitations or making posters to do up your home?

    Get it done with your new calligraphy skills. 

    Learn The Artsy Form Of Journaling

    Sometimes, it is important to collect ones thoughts to maintain mental positivity, and one of the ways to do that is journaling. It's not entirely similar to maintaining a dairy. Kaleido Journaling involves making beautiful patterns with colors that influence thoughts along with writing down all your thoughts. Sounds too hoity-toity? This course will take you through the process. All you need is a plain book, few colors, and your creativity. 

    Up for some writing? Let us point you to a bunch of writing courses that you might love!

    Work That Needle For Beautiful Embroidery

    Not only is embroidery beautiful but also fun to do. This isn't gender specific (ahem, men) because you can literally make anything you want, a bouquet, your initials for home decor, or even your favourite superhero once you ace the techniques. This course will cover all the basics of this needle painting activity, so start needling. 

    Talking about embroidery, check out the amazing embroidery collection on our Shop! It won't disappoint you, we promise!

    DIY Terrarium

    Deck your house with greens. And this time, do it with a terrarium. If you're not on board the terrarium bandwagon already, a terrarium is like a miniature aquarium for tiny succulents. Easy to care for and fun to make, we found this course that will teach you everything, from making it to caring for it.

    Psst, it's also budget-friendly.

    Sketch It Right

    You don't have to scramble for supplies because this activity legit needs only a pencil and paper. Absolutely easy to learn, this sketching and drawing course will teach you all the skills to draw anything with precision. Of course, we've all sketched before (behind question papers, on notebooks, etc) but this is just taking it up a notch, and why not, it is absolutely easy. 

    Also glance through these top art websites to keep your inner artist alive.


    Now, if you're looking more than online courses, there are tons of fun things for you to do at home. It's all here!