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This Cloud Kitchen's Gourmet Hyderabadi Biryani Is As Authentic As It Can Get

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What Makes It Awesome

Biryani is so popular that we tend to forget how important it is that it’s made using the best ingredients within a course of a few hours (dum biryani can’t be cooked in an hour!). Although Hyderabad has bazillion places to eat biryani from, there are only a limited number of places that serve gourmet biryani. Naaz Biryani is a firm believer in the fact that biryani is art and that you can’t compromise on the ingredients and methods while trying to deliver the authentic Nizami flavours.

A cloud kitchen, these guys claim to handpick only tender cuts of meat (the lamb is just juicy and full of flavour) and source spices from the veterans all across Hyderabad to offer truly indulgent Hyderabadi biryani. Naaz Biryani also sells Veg Biryani, Premium Chicken Biryani and Double Ka Meetha for dessert. Their dishes start from INR 489 and go upto INR 789. 

If you’re tired of eating biryani that is made in bulk without love and patience, we highly recommend that you give Naaz Biryani a try. The grandeur and simplicity of their menu will make you want to try it all! They also have an all-day breakfast menu with two signature dishes - Paya with Sheermal Bread and Khichdi Kheema Khatta. 

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Pro Tip

They only accept 100 orders in a day, so make sure to order a day in advance.