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Ditch Unhealthy Chips For Vacuum Fried Chips From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

It's exciting to substitute junk food with healthy salads until it's not. Especially for people with a discerning palate (and honestly, who really has the patience to prepare a salad for snack time?). Jacme, an online store, is making the perfect snacks for your munchies, Yes, good old chips but these chips at Jacme are healthier because they’re vacuum fried and made from vegetables. We’ve tried these chips, and in all fairness, they really heighten each component’s best quality. 

Jacme surely is a brand for the new millennium’s healthy snack boom. They’re currently selling six different kinds of chips. For anyone that is a jackfruit fan (and the ones that aren’t too), try the ripe jackfruit chips that taste sweet and are dehydrated. Our personal favourite are the tapioca crisps with a hint of tomato and garlic. These taste so different from many other tapioca chips we’ve tried.

Other crunchy chips include Ripe Nendran Banana, Okra, Sweet Potato and Avial Fried Vacuum. All the crisps have 50-70 per cent less oil compared to the regular chips. So if you’re looking for a healthy substitute snack, we recommend you give Jacme a shot. Prices start at INR 85 for 50 grams and INR 150 for 100 grams. You can also order combos from here. 

Pro Tip

If chips is not your thing, Jacme also sells fresh frozen slices of jackfruit, tender jackfruit, jackfruit seeds (sliced), cut coconuts, grated coconuts, tapioca drum cut and sliced and Malabar  porotta.