If You're Looking For Organic Stores In Hyderabad, Check These Out

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As more and more people are turning towards healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle, Hyderabad is opening its doors to organic stores that stock everything essential, from pulses to veggies. Check out these stores in the city and fill your baskets with organic ingredients. 

24 Mantra Organic Store

We're pretty sure you must have seen these stores in multiple areas of the city, but in case you haven't, this is one of most popular organic stores. Cereals, dals, millets, spices, and all other regular kitchen items — 24 Mantra Organic Stores stocks up everything organic including fruits and veggies. Their seed to store philosophy is what makes this store more awesome and because all their products are ethically sourced from farmers in their freshest stage, you don't have to worry about the items being adulterated. We especially love their spreads like mixed fruit, mango, and creamy peanut butter, so do try them out. 

Organic India

Are you opting for an all things organic lifestyle? Organic India, which is a popular wellness brand has opened its first store in Banjara Hills. Check out the spices or pasta, quinoa along with honey, ghee, and pulses. With more than 10 varieties of tea that include caffeine-free, you can, in fact, pick a tea to solve an ailment. For instance, relaxation and calming or stress relief.he store has plenty of herbal supplements that intend to fix acne or help you improve immunity too.

Ancient Living

Ancient Living is an organic health and skincare brand that makes a hoard of beauty products that range from shampoos, face packs, lip products. They have various designer handmade soaps that come in shapes like flowers, elephants, hearts, etc. that you might want to check out for gifting. If you are looking for tackling a certain skin problem, they've got anti-acne, anti-tan, and anti-aging combos that you can check out.

Evergreen Organic Groceries

If you're looking for organic products in Secunderabad, then this store might sort it out for you. Evergreen Organic Groceries has groceries ranging rom fruits and vegetables to grains, pulses and oils arranged neatly. There is a section dedicated to cosmetics and toiletries like lipsticks, face packs, essential oils, handmade soaps from Ancient Living. The adjoining cafe there serves a variety of teas, coffee, pasta, burger, juices, and thick shakes, all of which are devoid of chemicals and truly refreshing.

Pangea Gourmet Store

 If you're looking for gourmet produce and ingredients and unable to find them at any supermarket, get to Pangea Gourmet Store in Jubilee Hills. Whether you're looking for figs or shiitake mushroom, truffle cheese or cold cuts, the store is a paradise for food and cooking lovers. It houses more than 2,000 products that are exported from all parts of the world including Europe, so watch out for those rare pasta sauces and also chocolate. With a section dedicated only for Keto diet products, Pangea caters all our dream organic food products under one roof. 

Jivati Organic Store

Jivati Organic Store offers healthier alternatives for a lot of regularly used items and ingredients. This spacious store stocks up on fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, health supplements, ayurvedic medicines, millets, honey, sugar, snacks, beverages, etc which are sourced from certified manufacturers. What's the best part? They also offer organic grocery basket or organic vegetable basket on a weekly or daily basis at a fixed rate for their exclusive members.