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Bling It Up! Get Embroidered Clutches & Potlis From This Label In Inorbit Mall

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    Housing the most elegant yet bright line of clutches and potlis, Ozel Bir Sey is a compact stall in Inorbit Mall. Ladies, this is where you can go nuts over a range of bags. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    When we discovered Ozel Bir Sey at a flea market in Hyderabad, we were quite overjoyed to find such an offbeat collection of bags. Right from weddings to brunches, the clutches can be styled just as you like. Ozel Bir Sey — meaning something special derived from a Turkish phrase — is a label by Shipra Nayyar, who handcrafts these bags, and also runs Bare Pure Beauty. Shipra experiments with traditional handlooms and embroidery while adding contemporary elements to her collection.

    At the store, we found a myriad varieties of potlis such as petal-shaped ones (the top part of the potli is like that), box clutches, square-shaped clutches, and simple envelope sling bags. We're totally eyeing the square-shaped clutches as they come in ikat and they can be worn with ethnic wear and western wear like dresses and denim too. 

    Most of the collection is priced between INR 799-INR 2,500, making it easy on the pocket. So the next time you're looking to accessorise your snazzy outfit, get here.

      Available Online