Wuhoo! This Iconic Hyderabadi Restaurant Has Entered Limca Book Of Records 2019

Whether you love Paradise or hate Paradise, you simply cannot ignore it. But keep that aside and tell us if you know how many plates of biryani Paradise serves. No clue? It serves more than...wait for it...70 lakh plates of biryani. Yup, for real. And now, it has entered Limca Book of World Records 2019 for serving 70,44,289 biryanis in the year 2017. Now we all know how precious Hyderabadi biryani is, and Paradise has always been an iconic chain of restaurants that put Hyderabad on the map. With another feather in its kitty, aren't we glad that when it comes to biryani, nobody can beat our city? 

This story was first reported on Hindustan Times. You can read the full report here.