Whaaaat! This Is India's First Instant WhatsApp Photo Printer

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What Makes It Awesome

It is often said that pictures speak far more than words. But what if these pictures come in vintage polaroids? Makes it more charming, isn't it? People Of Prints is a Hyderabad-based personalised printing company that offers myriad services for those who love capturing great moments. Founded by Neha Shah — an entrepreneur and someone who held Hyderabad's biggest summer camp, all things creative is her forte. No wonder she has come up with something as quirky as an instant photo printing service. 

Already a hit at bachelorettes, weddings, and intimate parties — POP Machine — a smart photo booth generates instant photographs. The best part? You can operate this through WhatsApp. All you've got to do is snap, send, and the picture is out. Plus, it supports Instagram hashtag printing too..how cool is that? While this vintage beauty is loved and attracts memory hoarders (and for a reason), People Of Prints offers much more. Their polaroid services are insanely popular. In this service, your pictures go through a few layers of printing and lamination to bring out an 80s retro look that you cannot get enough of. Thinking of doing up your room? Well, we recommend leaving a wall for this. Apart from this, this brand also makes giant photo strips and large prints. 

And then there's the Magneto — a damage-free wall-stickers! Ideal for any flat surface, these stickers can act as bases for your pictures, post-it notes, etc. It's a great solution if you don't want to leave back any stains on walls, and honestly who wants to leave those annoying glue stains? Plus, they've got photo-magnets too. To us, this sounds like a great way to sort out all our travel and sleepover photographs.