Give Your Pupper A Delightful Makeover With This Grooming On Wheels Service

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What Makes It Awesome

All pets deserve love and a good bath. At Pet Gully — a mobile grooming service offers a wide range of services for your dogs and cats, right at your doorstep. Pet Gully quite literally has paws on wheels — the van that travels all across the city reminds you of a Dalmatian but with paws. Pampering pets might be their forte, but they also handle eye care, dental care, ear care, and de-shedding. The pet care experts at Pet Gully are properly trained and they handle your pooch with the utmost care, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. Plus, they listen out to your concerns regarding the pet (in case they’re suffering from ticks or any infection) to understand how your pet can feel better.

What we’re loving is the fact that the grooming is done right in front of our eyes and our beloved doesn’t have to be away. While your pet comes out looking super special (and something he’d love for his birthday), the experts here pamper him with treats after the session, only if you permit. If you are a frequent Dog Park visitor then you might have spotted this van, but if you haven’t, it’s not too late to book service now.


The van is disinfected and super clean to ensure your pet is in a safe environment. Aged pets, especially, are handled carefully and since Pet Gully doesn’t believe in cage drying, you can cross that concern off your list. How this works is quite simple — you can either book their services on the website or even better, pick your phone and book service of your choice through a call.