Spinning, Kickboxing & Pilates: Do What Suits Your Body At This Fitness Club In Kompally

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If you're looking for a gym or a workout centre in Secunderabad, consider Phantom Fitness Club. It has got a variety of training sessions like kickboxing, weight management exercises, cardio exercises, spinning, etc. and professional trainers to help you ace your fitness goals. 

What Makes It Awesome

Go here for a spinning class or endurance training and come back with a lit body. Phantom Fitness Club is a high-end fitness centre with trained professionals that'll help you realise your fitness goals. Now that there are only six months left for the year to finish, it's time you start working out. Desperate to shed those extra kilos and fit into your favourite outfit? Enroll in their weight loss and weight management programs that include aerobic and cardiovascular exercises for a total body mass reduction.

Sounds hardcore? You can also check out their High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that lasts for 30 minutes depending on your fitness levels. Phew, catch a breather there. What else do they have? Apart from the usual CrossFit workout, endurance training, and cardio exercises, you can try something new and go for spinning classes (a high intensity cycling workout on an exercise bike), pilates training (designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture), and kickboxing (stand-up combat sport based on a lot of kicking and punching).


They have an offer going on for their annual plan where you can avail three free months. Prices for all their activities differ, so ping them to know more.