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Get Fit & Lit At These Pilates Centres

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We all dilly-dally sometimes when it comes to fitness and exercising, right? See, we get you. Let's hit bulls-eye this time and commit to our fitness goals. To make working out fun and effective, we compiled this list of fitness centres in Hyderabad where you can sweat it out, pilates style. 

Viva Pilates

If you can make it to Banjara Hills or Mehdipatnam to work on your body, drop by at this studio to see your body transform. Viva Pilates is a pilates studio that'll get your calories burning. Viva Pilates is a neuro-muscular strength training that won't make you feel sore. They've got all the latest equipment required and have professionals who'll help attain your fitness goals.

The Pilates Studio

At The Pilates Studio, you will be trained in the various pilates movements like Criss-cross, The Hundred, The Roll-Up, and more. The movements may look easy, but they're to be done with a lot of efficiency, and careful precision.

Phantom Fitness Club

If you're looking for a gym or a workout centre in Secunderabad, consider Phantom Fitness Club. They've got a super pilates training program that is designed to improve your physical strength, flexibility, and posture. Sounds like the areas you need to work on? Go for a solid first day. 

Apollo Life Studio

Really keen on up-ing your fitness game? This is your realm. Run by Upasana Konidela, Apollo is for those of you who take fitness seriously, while having fun, of course. Join their pilates program and you're charged up to push your limits a little more every day. With a spa and a cafe that whips organic and healthy dishes, it's a wholesome experience.

Reflections Pilates Studio

The good thing about pilates it is that it works wonders on your physical as well as mental health. Yey! Reflections Pilates Studio in Kavuri Hills is equipped with advanced equipment like Reformer-Trapeze, Allegro with Tower, Wunda Chairs, etc and various extension mechanisms that will help you achieve your goals and make pilates easy-peasy (you know what we mean). 

Flex Pilates

Benefits of physiotherapy and pilates, yes, please! Flex Pilates offers many types of regimes based on solid science but refined with various personalities and body types in mind. You can expect premium, reformer based group pilates classes using complete pilates equipment focusing on the kind of workout your body needs. Check out their classes in Jubilee Hills and Secunderabad to see what speaks to you.