Lamingtons To 12 Layered Chocolate Cakes: This Baker Surely Whips Up A Storm

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What Makes It Awesome

If you love cakes and desserts that are too pretty to eat, The Red Velvet by Shalini Grosu will win you over. This baker totally nails the art of baking and we'll give you all the sweet details. "Give me that cake and nobody gets hurt." — if you have those thoughts when you spot The Red Velvet's desserts, join the club. Founded by Shailini Grosu, who hails from a family that has established its strong roots and legacy in the food industry for generations now, her attention to detail is on point. However, Shalini is a self-made woman (who is also an equal opportunity employer aiming to hire 50 per cent women in her kitchen) who started baking during difficult times.

What started out of a pure passion for baking and desserts in 2012 has led her to kickstart her own venture — The Red Velvet — in 2015. Throughout this incredible journey (and so on), she's been winning hearts with her cupcakes, lamingtons (not many bakers in Hyderabad do this), 12-layered chocolate cakes. 

While her bestsellers also include red velvet (naturally), banana loaves, spiced seed mixes, her themed cakes are every bit Pinterest-worthy. In fact, those look like the best presents one can ask for. The price range of the cakes begins at INR 1,600 (per kilo) while the customised ones are at INR 2,000 (per kilo). The best part about The Red Velvet is they're continuously experimenting with flavours, textures, and ingredients. Needless to mention their vegan and healthy desserts are making way for guilt-free binge sessions.