Your Face Gear Just Got Flamboyant With These Ikat & Kalamkari Masks

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Since the coronavirus swept across the world, face masks of all shapes, sizes, and colours have hit the market to help people protect themselves. But there are brands who have converted this face gear into a stylish one. Just like Rewheel. Founded by Kaja Sashikanth in 2012, this brand started with an aim to encourage individuals to ditch plastic bags and switch to cotton bags. And now, they have produced a collection of beautiful ikat and kalamkari masks. They are all made of handloom fabric and are two-layered. Plus, they are washable and reusable. Price? If you buy a set of two, it will cost you INR 299, INR 599 for five, and INR 999 for 10 masks.

    The best part? Opportunity. An opportunity that is given to women in low-income groups to utilise their skills and earn financial independence via these products. FYI, their bags are customised as per the need. The price depends on the detailing and the quantity.

    So, make a purchase for your safety, for a plastic-free environment and at the same time, make an impact by helping these women.


    To place an order, just DM on their Instagram page or drop a message on +91 9963351022 via WhatsApp.

      Available Online