ATV, Human Foosball, Zorbing & Happy Hits: This Adventure Park Is Boss

    Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad


    Inside the world’s largest film city complex — Ramoji — is Sahas Adventure Park. Built with the intention of quashing fear out of us, it swamps you in its adventure activities. We say — why don’t you go and kick some ass?

    What Makes It Awesome

    Sahas is a city in its own way. It claims to be Asia’s largest adventure land that brings to us most imaginative and thrill-seeking experiences. Walk into Sahas, and you’ll notice how full it is of adventure activities and tracks. These tracks vary from basic to intermediate and advanced. But for the not-so-faint-hearted-ones, there are extreme tracks that are sure to give an adrenaline high. Take your pick from All Terrain Vehicle, Reverse Bungee Jumping, and more. With a massive range of rope courses, it also has a bunch of team activities like Human Zorbing (human beings wear zorb balls), Archery, Paintball, and Human Foosball.

    If you’ve watched Wipe Out, then you should be familiar with several games at Sahas. Especially the Meltdown, which is an 8-player action game where players either duck under or jump over the boom poles. Love Angry Birds? You’re in for much amusement then. Happy Hits is designed after Angry Birds, where you can launch projectiles at targets with the help of large catapults. But of course, there’s more. Play till your feet ache with activities like Mountain Biking, Obstacle Race. The last one will truly test your physical fitness and endurance because the obstacles include Jumping Jacks, Monkey Crawling, Traverse Climbing, net courses, and much more. Bid a gleeful adieu to vertigo, butterflies in your tummy, fear of free falling or absolutely any fright. Go in a pair of sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing, and retreat into a jungle of crusade.


    Although Sahas is located inside Ramoji Film City, the entrance is entirely different. So, if you’re looking for staying overnight or food options, then you’ll have to book yourself inside Ramoji. There is an option between luxury, shared, and budget accommodation. Go with what fits your purse, but we think shared accommodation is ultra fun because it’s like a dormitory. And it will be like camping out together with your squad. 

      Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad