A Friendly Neighbourhood Bar With A Pretty Ambience & Good Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Say Hay! New place alert! It’s in Begumpet and located in the same building as The Degree. Coming to the ambience this place is quite lit. The royal blue and white theme just adds up the value. Quite vibrant. At first glance, you might feel it’s a small place but when you go inside you can see that they can easily accommodate 40-50 and having said that they do have a desperate area for getting together and party stuff. Bar in the middle of the hall area looks quite dope.

Was there with my friends for a tasting session. So let’s start with the food review. We started with their mocktails and cocktails :
1. Tropical Passion - It’s a rum and pineapple cocktail. I don’t consume alcohol but my friends tried it and said it was good. Try this out.
2. Swing With Gin - Gin infused with pineapple juice, saffron syrup. Was on the sweeter side.
3. New York Sour - It’s a combination of whiskey, lemon juice, egg white and a bit of red wine.
4. Tipsy Anna - Was like a typical pina colada. Coconut flavoured, curry leaves, vodka, pineapple juice and gin powder.
5. Battle Ship - Ginger ale plus red bull.
6. Nutty Fruity - Pineapple and orange juice with infused nuts flavours.
7. Watermelon & Basil Cooler - This needs a bit of improvement as it was way too diluted than expected.

Coming to the starters :
1. Andhra Chilli Chicken - Probably the best from the lot that we had. Perfectly cooked chicken with typical South Indian spices and the aroma of curry leaves was just perfect.
2. Mushroom Gelati - I’ve had better Haloti kebabs. It should have melted in your mouth but in this case, it wasn’t like that. Can be improved.
3. Nilgiri Fish Tikka - Fish was well marinated. A perfect blend of spices and evenly cooked to medium.
4. Butter Chicken Kulcha Bombs - I’ve never tasted butter chicken in such a unique way. The creamy gravy was just perfect. Didn’t expect it to be that great but it turned out pretty well.
5. Cheesy Kurkure Maggi Missiles - Kurkure crusted mozzarella sticks. Maybe a bit too oily.
6. Kurkure Crusted Burger - We had this in two variants. One was paneer and the other was chicken. Salt was overpowering. Needs a lot of improvement in a patty. Dressings were good.

Coming to the Main course :
1. Kondapur Chicken Curry - Coconut-based red curry served with tender chicken and rice. Was a bit hesitant as it tasted like the exact Thai red curry but in the aftertaste, you could sense the usage of authentic South Indian spices?
2. Sambar Khichdi - Has to be their signature dish. Was highly disappointed with the fact that it didn’t turn out pretty well. Mustard was overpowering and you can taste that bitterness in the aftertaste. Rice was way too mushy. A slight improvement can make this dish a huge success.

Now my favourite part, The desserts :
1. Mishti Doi Cheesecake - Mishti Doi has to be sweet given its name. But it was sour. On the other hand, the cheesecake was too good. Melted in the mouth.
2. Chocolate Envelope - Served with raspberry sauce for the hit of tanginess. Raspberry any day gels up with chocolate and it’s a match made in heaven.

Overall my experience was great. Management took care of us well and kudos to all the service boys. You guys are doing an amazing job. A bit of improvement here and there in the dishes and you guys are front runners.
Check this place out. You gonna love it for sure. Highly recommended.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae.