Check Out This Oh So Delicious Mandi!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Joint Al Mandi, AS Rao Nagar: It's Weekend and you crave for Something to eat at your favourite restaurant. Mandi is something I always love to eat on a relaxed weekend.

The Chicken was So juicy and tender, cooked perfectly. Sometimes the middle is undercooked in some places, but here it was just amazing. The Fish was the best part which literally made our day, that was fresh, simple Marination with seasoning and little spice, Oh so tender and Tasty, Probably the best Fish I had with Mandi. The sad part, Mutton was disappointing. Had too much of Fat, Less meat and Not so well cooked. Maybe next time I hope to get the best one. But overall, This mandi was an outstanding one! It's very near to my house, Luckily I have a good place for a mandi. Highly recommended with totally Value for Money