Candles Are A Forever Mood And This Brand Is Giving Us Customisable Options

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What Makes It Awesome?

No matter what mood I'm in, my day just doesn’t feel complete without lighting some scented candles. Off-late, I've been really loving Scented Threads, an online store based in Delhi selling candles, candleholders, and handmade soaps. Their candle framers include the all-time favourites - peppermint and lavender. They also have tuberose, geranium, and some really calming fragrances like ocean breeze, wooden, grapefruit, rosewood, and merry mint. 

What I love the most about Scented Threads is that it lets you create your own candle (that’s really cool, right?). All you have to do is choose your favourite fragrance, pick the kind of candle holder you want and add your choice of colour to it. Think you're too choosy? Don't worry. They have over twenty-five fragrances to choose from. We bet you’re gonna want to create more than one candle.

Their shot glasses and mug glasses also look really chic and add more beauty to the candles. If you’re looking to gift a friend or family a unique and personalised candle, you know where to look.