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This Resin Jewellery And Accessory Brand Makes Super Versatile Pieces

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Plume Resine

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What Makes It Awesome

Resin is a great art medium, its crystal clear surface makes it ideal for making beautiful jewellery and accessories. And making fine pieces, is Plume Resine, a Hyderabad-based brand founded by Nicole Hessing. She discovered resin during the lockdown and quickly started making all kinds of cool things using resin since August 2020. Meanwhile, I'm just happy to buy them!

You will find jewellery, coasters, bookmarks, keychains, trinket trays and you can even ask for customised memorabilia. I think that resin is a very versatile substance and gives room for a lot of creativity, especially for the ones obsessed with flowers. You will find a lot of jewellery and accessories with all kinds of dried flowers and leaves in the centre. One of my favourite products are keychains, that can be customised with a print of your choice -- perfect for gifting to your friend who always loses their single key to their house. For the ones that are and/or know book fanatics, check out Plume Resine’s gorgeous (really can’t take our eyes off this) bookmarks. Prices for most of the products range from INR 250 to INR 450. If you’re looking for trinket trays you will find them at approximately INR 600 to INR 1000.