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Ballin’ On A Budget! Items To Shop For Under INR 100 In Sultan Bazar

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Agree or not, but the real charm of shopping is in the local markets. You will find shops and stalls that suit all your needs but in your budget. Hence, we got a list of what you can shop in Sultan Bazar all under INR 100. And if you have never been there, well the narrow and crowded lanes of the bazar will offer you everything from watches, accessories, clothes, bags, shoes, basically everything at the price that would never burn a hole in your pocket.

PS: This market place is easily accessible and is connected via metro. The nearest metro station is Sultan Bazar Metro Station. A tip would be to not take a rickshaw and explore the market by walking as there are many stores hidden in the gullies. 

Earings - INR 20 To 90

The main entrance of the market is lined with stalls that sell earrings ranging from INR 10 to 100 and can go above. As you venture within the main market you can find shopkeepers with trays of jewellery, typically selling earrings. Every other stall you cross while browsing through the market will catch your attention with something unique in its collection.

Bangles - INR 100

Wedding season is on and so is the shopping for it. And with every outfit, pairing up a bunch of bangles can go beyond the budget. But the market here will not let that happen. You can easily get bangles for INR 100 or less. Some are a bit pricey but definitely not as pricey as those in branded stores. Bargaining here is very different from other junctions, you cannot bargain at every shop or stall but you can always try wherever possible.

Caps - INR 60

Caps are always a smart buy. Not only can they be a great part of a good outfit but they also serve to block the face from getting burned by the sun while you're spending more time outside. You need to proceed a bit further to get your hands on these. The range starts at INR 60.

Anklets/Bracelets - INR 30

Ever thought the grace these can bring to your feet or wrist? Whether you want to wear it to work or to weddings, bracelets cum anklets are super versatile and easy on the pocket too! The narrow lanes have several stalls selling these treasures, waiting to be discovered. Be it gold, silver or beaded ones, they will bring a dash of elegance to your attire. Wear them with capris or skirts and they surely will not go unnoticed! You will get them for INR 30 or around that bracket.

Stoles/ Scarves - INR 80

Whether you’re an ultra-chic fashionista or an ethnic Indian-sporting stylish woman, you all drape stoles or scarves over your outfits. They are fun and vibrant - all rolled into one. And it's perfect for winter gear. But yes, it might be difficult to get something unconventional. You can get these for INR 80 and above.