Sip On Some Sulaimani & Munch On Seene Ka Phool Only At This Place

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What Makes It Awesome?

To start with we had the Sulaimani which has cinnamon, mint and light Assam tea and the aroma is so refreshing. Well, Sulaimani is something we can have 4-5 cups and still feel light. That's what makes is special!

For starters, we had Murgh Malai Kebab, Moog Phali ki Kebab and Seen ka Phool. Seene ka Phool is a once a snack the Nizami kings used to have every day it's basically lamb ribs bent in the shape of a flower(Phool) It has cherry tomatoes and mutton perfectly cooked just mild spiced and juicy enough. If you go there to try this dish in particular.

Coming to the biryani as the management told us they don't want to commercialize the authentic biryani by cooking it for hundreds at a time. They make separate clay pot biryanis after we order and opens it in front of us. The mutton was succulent, mildly spiced. And the aroma is really worth the wait. It's not the double spiced biryani or something else but the authentic Hyderabadi Biryani made with hand ground spices. Their biryani is definitely something u don't want to miss.

For desserts, we had Badam Firni and we could clearly get the honey and jaggery taste. The quantity was good enough and tasty too.

The ambience was good and we have seating arrangement of chairs and Arabian style seating too. Must visit Biryani Ghar!

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