This Stunning Patisserie Is Overloaded With Healthy Pretty Looking Desserts!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Farine at film Nagar is an amazing dessert place.

Cheese garlic bread - The best part of this place is that they started baking their own bread. The bread was very soft and the garlic was perfect enough.

Chicken pita pockets - Pita pockets is the thing which is not good at every place. But this place has some very tasty pita bread and this chicken stuffed pita pockets were very good.

Honey rosemary grilled chicken - The chicken was grilled which was tossed along with rosemary and honey mixture. This grilled chicken was served along with the mixture on the top.

Polo piselli pasta - The pasta was made with the white sauce. In which there are veggies along with the chicken.

Grilled cajun chicken sandwich - The sandwich was stuffed with the chicken and the veggies which were served along with a dip.

Seared cilantro fish - The fish was served along with the lightly fried rice and veggies like bell peppers.

AOP prawns - The AOP prawns is a salad which is served along with garlic bread.

Watermelon n feta salad - The watermelon and the feta salad is one of the best salad which we had.

Grilled chicken burger - The burger has grilled chicken as a patty and was good.

Chicken and wild mushroom pizza - The chicken and wild mushroom pizza was a thin crust pizza. The base was so thin and crisp which was having the chicken sliced as long as fries.

Drinks and desserts
White chocolate exotic mousse
Black forest
chocolate framboise
Forest berry donut

Among the desserts, we liked the forest berry donut and the black forest along with opera which were very good.

Vanilla latte
Hazelnut latte
kashmiri saffron kahwa
Hot chocolate

Among the drinks, we liked the hazelnut latte, hot chocolate, and the salted caramel mocha.

Staff and service -
The staff was very good and the service was very fast.

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