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This Pretty Looking Pub Offers A Perfect WayTo Sip The Wine With Good Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Chemistry is the latest pub in jubilee hills.
First up, this place has a huge classic ambience, two well stocked bar counters and some brilliant service. This place has both open air and air conditioned sitting and offers a perfect view to sit and sip the wine. The music was lit and the pub had a good crowd in the afternoon also.
The staff here are friendly but the service was a bit late.

Mango basil colada: This drink tasted like a vacation in a glass.
It was really good and had a unforgettable taste.

Green apple cooler: Served with green apple slices, this was not only amazing but also refreshing. A perfect drink in this hot summer.

Lichi cooler: Lichi based drinks have always been my favourite and this place has not disappointed me with this drink. It was delicious.

Rainbow and 3 delight drinks were the other mocktails we have ordered, they also tasted great.

Cottage cheese chilli cigars: Cheese cigars were a tasty appetizer and they are handy and can be served with drinks. They were crispy outside and chewy inside.

Beet root kebabs: I have always hated beet root but this dish at this place has completely changed my opinion towards beet root. The kebabs were flavourful and delicious

Chemistry fish kebab with physics dip: This is an innovative dish at this place. The fish was soft and very tasty. A must try dish at this place.

Crispy water chestnut and lotus stem with chilli dip: This was an amazing dish and I just loved it. It had great flavors and also the presentation of this dish was very very tempting.

Baked fish: The sauce above the fish was very salty otherwise this was a simple and satisfying

Thai red curry with jasmine rice: This main course dish at this place has a good aromatic flavour of rice served with Thai red curry which was just fantastic.

The strawberry and vanilla Pannacotta was the one dessert we had and it was just perfect.

This place has a really good ambience and food.
Do visit!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000