5PM Hunger Getting To You? Turn To These Snacks & Shoo Roaring Tummy Away

Sunaina posted on 12 November

Workaholics, we know how difficult it is to curb those 5pm hunger pangs. Don't want to give in to junk food temptation? LBB has your back. With a wide range of snacks ranging from seeds and lentils, healthy brownies to imli candies, we come bearing goodies. Here's our pick of favourite snacks that you can maneuver those hunger games with. 

Box Of Healthy Assorted Brownies - INR 650

This set of assorted brownies comes with delicious flavours like chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate, and chocolate walnut. These brownies are made keeping nutrition goals in mind, and they come with two options — high protein and low carbs. So, pick one, and if you are someone who loves their intake of whey protein, this is your best (delish) bet. 

Pack Of Antioxidant Rich Imli Candies - INR 289

Offbeat, sour and sweet, but also rich in antioxidants, these chewy imli candies are for those days when you just need tiny nibbles. Carry a candy or two (or more — who are we to stop you?), and take a break from work to relish them. 

Banana Bread Made With Natural Ingredients - INR 200

Treat yourself to some sweet indulgences with a piece of banana bread. This banana bread is made from all-natural ingredients, topped with caramelised banana and when you dig in, you'll find chocolate chips heaven. Perfect for evening coffee, nay?

Trail Mix - Seeds and Lentils - INR 120

We swear by this trail mix, and often munch on them after a heavy workout. This bottle has a fine mix of spiced masoor and watermelon seeds, and are delicious. If you're looking for soybeans, berries, and flaxseeds, there's plenty for you, from the same brand. 

Piri Piri Butter - INR 260

Does the thought of piri piri make your mouth water? This Piri Piri Butter is handcrafted for you. It's homemade and delivered to you fresh. All you've got to do is refrigerate it and make it the butter to your toast. 

Healthy Vegan Chips (Pack Of 3) - INR 400

Like your dose of spicy chips but don't want to go near anything unhealthy? These vacuum fried chips are your superhero with a red cape. This pack of three comes with tangy chickpeas (oh, makhna!), peri peri sweet potato chips, and tangy tomato. These vegan chips are free from preservatives and MSG, making them the healthiest snacks out there.