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All Things Cheese: Head Over To This Place For Some Amazing Cheesy Delights

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you are familiar with the restaurant industry, it’s likely you’ve heard the term quick bites bantered about. This restaurant concept – a mash-up of fast food and casual dining – has been one of the strongest segments in the restaurant industry over the past decade. It continues to thrive, despite the recession and it continues to evolve to fit customer’s needs and preferences. By definition a quick-bites restaurant offers the ease and convenience of fast food, but with a more inviting sit-down atmosphere. The menu consists of better quality ingredients that can be found at most fast food establishments.

One such inclusion to this genre in Hyderabad is Oh my Cheese. Ohh my cheese is a fusion food restaurant based out of Hyderabad that infuses flavours from Italian, American and Mexican cuisines into mouth-watering fusion dishes to not just fill your appetite but your hearts too. This outlet is situated on the same premises of Cream Stone in Banjara Hills in Park View Estate, right opp to the KBR Park. It is a bit dimly lit with golden lights across the floor with seating capacity to accommodate 40 pax with some good music with high tables set up as well. We happened to visit this place on a weekday evening for dinner.

We started off the fare with Cashew Paneer Fritters which was crumb-fried marinated paneer cubes with some delicious cheese on it which gave a great cheese pull. Next up we got Crab Cake which had mashed crab and potato deep fried served with mayo dip and veggies; this had a bit more mashed potato in it which overpowered the taste of crab, needs to be improved by maintaining the right balance between crab and potato, taste-wise no complaints.

Following this was Fish Roulade which had crumb fried mashed juicy fish, the flavours of the roulade, combined with compound butter which pleasingly stimulated the taste buds, a recommended dish from the menu. Deep Dish Veg Piza had the right amount cheese and veggies with some amazing flavours kicking in & truly a delightful experience. We also got Brooklyn styled Non-veg pizza which should have had more chicken chunks however, the cheese quality was really good which added to the allover taste of the pizza.

Moving onto some bowls, we got Veg Burrito Bowl, Veg nachos & Chicken enchilada bowl, burrito bowl had loads of veggies, black beans served with sauce & rice, making it a really healthy dish for the fitness freaks. Onto the chicken enchilada, it had a good amount of cheese with tomato sauce with the chicken having the good amount of flavours induced into it making this dish a really cheesy affair, even the nachos were quite well served with parmesan cheese with salsa sauce making it a great dish for quick munchies.

Ending the fair with some Fried ice-cream & Pana Cotta with mango flavour, the crumb-fried ice-cream was nicely topped with chocolate sauce and served with red cherries tasted really great & couldn't have asked for a better end to the meal.

Overall, Oh my Cheese surely needs to up its games in terms of the cheese quality being served although they are doing complete justice to the brand itself by leaving no stone unturned when it comes to serving cheese in the dishes being served. Loads of Cheese & everything nice - Head over to Oh my Cheese to get your tastebuds a cheesy treat.

What Could Be Better?

Seasoning & Cheese Quality

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group