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    Chandbalis To Bunny Backpacks, We Found 8 Quirky Things At Sultan Bazaar, Under INR 400

    Shreya posted on 01 September

    With over a hundred street shops in the commercial area, Sultan Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Hyderabad. Reigning as the place for fashion and decor goods, this 200 year old bazaar is a treasure full of cheap thrills. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this street, we found plenty of attractive but super budget finds. Here’s a list of  everything from jhumkas to kurtis we wouldn’t mind spending our money on; but thankfully they’re all under INR 400.


    Chandbali Earrings

    These metal earrings will go perfectly well with your casual kurtis or fancy lehengas. These crescent beauties come in silver and gold palettes, with mirrors and shiny stones.

    Price: INR 150 a pair

    Chinese Wooden Necklaces

    Bright in colour and funky in style, these beaded neck-pieces will add a quirk factor to your wardrobe. They are lightweight and fairly durable. Besides, they are super cheap.

    Price: INR 150 each

    Trendy Printed Kurtis

    Cotton kurtis, in colours both bright and understated, printed with patterns like that of the Buddha and Kathakali dancers will not fail to catch your eye.

    Price: INR 150 each

    Faux Leather Bags

    Have you liked the look and feel of leather but loved animals way more? Then these faux leather bags are going to be your best friends. They come in nude colours and make an excellent carry on.

    Price: INR 200.

    All Season Footwear

    From ballerinas to Kolhapuris, Sultan Bazaar has it all.

    Price: INR 100-150

    Bunny Backpack

    Made from cargo jeans material, this adorable backpack can be used for kid’s picnics or if you wanna go all the way out with cute but bizarre fashion.

    Price: INR 320

    Glam Wallets

    Studded with {artificial} pearls and other stones, these wallets don’t look any less glan than high-end designer bags. Grab one of these and flaunt them at the next party!

    Price: INR 300

    Photo Frames

    If you love taking a lot of pictures, you can frame them all using these intricate photo frames. These were found in a gift shop on the street, so don’t hesitate to walk in to stores rather than just walking along the street.

    Price: INR 350

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