Snowcone, Peppermint & Dark Chocolate: This Local Brand Makes The Yummiest Scrubs

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Sugar Pop

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What Makes It Awesome

Sugar? Yes, please! Adam Levine crooned in our head when we spotted Sugar Pop at a flea market. Whoever told you sugar is bad for your body surely had no clue about the wonders it can do to your skin. And that's what Sugar Pop intends to do.

Handmade with love and headed by Sri Devi, Soujanya, and Ashritha, Sugar Pop was started with an intent to introduce sugar-based bath and body products. With products like Dark Chocolate face scrub, Mocha Spice body scrub, Rose & Honey lip scrub, it has a sweet spread of more products. Resembling dessert jars, these scrubs are kneaded with the goodness of essential and organic oils, rich butter and healthy nutrients that are sourced from distilleries. These scrubs are also known to exfoliate your skin. But you've got to make tough choices based on the fragrance. Got a thing for strawberries, milady? Snowcone made from strawberry, orange, and lemon beckons you! If you like floral fragrances, there are variants in rose and lavender too. The newest additions to the range are the booty scrubs (Now, here is a booty call we won't mind having), scrub bars, which are basically soap bars with sugar in them, and underarm scrubs (a body part we mostly forget to exfoliate). At the moment, there's a cotton candy scrub for dry skin, but Sugar Pop fully intends to experiment and introduce more products for every skin type. Priced between INR 200-900, this brand is probably going to answer our skin's cry for help. 

So, get a whiff of one, and you shall never cut down on sugar. But for good!


They do pan-India deliveries within 3-4 business days.