Eggs, Milk & More: Have A Fresh Morning With Fresh Groceries, Thanks To This Delivery Service

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What Makes It Awesome

What are your mornings like? Chaotic because you have to wake up and manage your kids? Rushed because you're late for work? Or slow and relaxed because you have your day planned? For all kinds of morning routines, Supr Daily is a super app that will manage your daily essentials. From dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, curd, to groceries like eggs, bread, fruits, veggies, pulses, etc, Supr Daily is an app-based service that takes care of your sudden grocery requirements. 

How does it work? It's simple — place your order before 11 am and get everything delivered to your doorstep carefully by 7 am the next day. You can set your order to repeat every day, every alternate day, weekly, fortnightly, or specifically order a day in advance. The best part is that these folks are not fixed on a minimum order which means you can order your one cup of curd without ordering a gazillion other items. 


From packaging to delivery, these folks have taken all the precautionary measures needed to handle the COVID-19 situation like contact-less delivery, leak-proof packaging, thermal scanning of the employees, etc.